This is a brief segment in a much larger production for 4-H Canada and their annual Leadership Awards Ceremony. The Honorable Lyle Vancleif was the perfect subject, his time with 4-H and support afterwards along with his varied career paths that inspire youth across the country were a joy to capture.

Shot, Coloured, & Edited by Kevin Nault

In association with Syntax Strategic & 4-H Canada


This half hour documentary was a segment in a one hour live event to raise money for cancer awareness. Definitely one of the toughest projects I've worked on in that it made for a very emotional edit and shoot process.

Directed by Jennifer Madigan

Shot by Kevin Nault, John Palaganas and David Fodrek

Coloured by Kevin Nault

Edited by Kevin Nault

A short spot for The Foot Collectives' latest shoe release from Disrupt Footwear. This project was one of many Short Ads intended for use on Instagram and Facebook advertising campaigns.

Nick St Louis, the Founder of The Foot Collective, always has some wild ideas that are a fun challenge to wrangle and execute on.


Shot, Edited & Coloured by Kevin Nault


In association with The Foot Collective

This micro documentary showcases Victoria Dark carving out her new path as a water colourist. While trapped in quarantine she has dedicated herself to creating memories for others through the medium.

Story, Shot, Edit & Colour - Kevin Nault

In association with Victoria Dark Illustrations

A friend of mine built a halfpipe for $500 dollars then asked a BMX rider to come test it. A little janky I will say, but it made for an interesting subject to test out some handheld of a new camera I had just purchased, the Black Magic 6k.

Shot, cut, and coloured by Kevin Nault

After acquiring some vintage Asahi lenses I went out to the track facility and tested out getting some unique footage of some friends of mine.

Shot, cut, and colour, Kevin Nault.

In association with Telvin Tavernier & Charlotte Gardner