About Us

Kevin Nault

Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Colourist

Every day is different. I never know what sort of location, task, or story I'll be telling each day. I like to challenge what I know, and what everyone else knows. I love story, an exciting thesis and the prospect of a new project that challenges me. Repeating the same tasks over and over, without variation, would drive me insane. This is what drove me to camera work. 

PC: Victoria Dark

What I Provide

  • Stunning Visual Media
  • Optimized Production Workflow
  • Communications Foundations
  • Marketing & Social Strategies

    These points are the basis of what I offer your organization to help optimize your media, whether it's a message, target audience or implementation. Having worked at Shopify helping large and small businesses develop strategies, having built a successful YouTube channel, having a basis in communication, and having continued education in cinematography and colour, I can shed tested perspective onto your productions.

    My Style

    To be honest, I just like making things pretty and effective at telling a story. My visual style focuses on medium and composition to compliment story. In turn it conveys emotion to capture audiences. Understanding your audience and having a clear thesis of what you or your brands' goals are is at the forefront. I cater each and every frame to ensure you're happy, and your campaign or film is executed successfully. 

    Before working with me, please take a look at my Portfolio to get an idea of the work I've done.


    PC: Chris German



    Born and raised in Ottawa, I attended the University of Ottawa and completed an undergraduate degree in Communications with a focus on Public Relations.

    My background in filmmaking began on the internet as a 'YouTuber'. I ran a channel with thousands of daily viewers for over 2 years. Having shot and edited 300+ videos in a two year span gave me a crash course in the fundamentals of filmmaking.

    I progressed my knowledge on the film industry through practice, continued education through the internet, and text books in standard film school curriculums. I've completed multiple elements within the DaVinci Resolve training program and am certified in the Davinci Resolve Colour Correction program.

    I spent a year working at Shopify as an advisor helping businesses on marketing strategies, analytics, and market related questions before starting to full time do video and camera work.

    Working in a variety of roles on different film sets I've enhanced my skills as a cinematographer, camera operator and producer.

    PC: Chris German


    Indie Artistic Projects and Films

    If you're an individual who is looking to tell a story or script in a cinematic way, I am more than happy to listen to your story, read your script, and chat. Individual projects and stories inspire and move so many people nowadays so I am happy to discuss!


    PC: Victoria Dark

    Email us, lets' get a project going